Jim VanBebber vs Severin Films

Jim VanBebber vs Severin Films

Jim VanBebber vs Severin Films

📅09 February 2015, 17:52

I am late to the party on this one, but do you own the Severin release of The Manson Family on Blu-ray? If you do, then you have dodged a bullet! See, that release became one of the most sought after and collectable releases out there really quickly. If it feels like it happened overnight, then that is because it actually was overnight. And, there is a very good reason for that. That reason being Director, Jim VanBebber.

In a Facebook post from VanBebber, he stated that the folks over at Severin had breached their contract! Here was the post..


Then in retaliation Severin made this post on their page disputing the remarks from VanBebber..


To sum things up, both sides aren’t getting along and it looks to be a matter that will go to court. The big news coming from this is the all Blu-ray copies of The Manson Family will apparently be destroyed, thus making that an overnight collectable for all you collectors out there. If you were slow getting a copy, it will run you a pretty penny now. Of course there is always a chance things could get worked out…We’ll see.

I got mine! (Thankfully)


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