Cinema Epoch Presents The Scared Stiff Collection

Cinema Epoch Presents The Scared Stiff Collection

Cinema Epoch Presents The Scared Stiff Collection

📅09 April 2015, 15:38

These days everybody wants a lot of horror, and one of the best ways to get a few titles at once is those nifty DVD movie collections with anywhere between three to eight movies on it. Cinema Epoch has released three different movie sets all titled The Scared Stiff Collection.

Two of these sets have four movies on them while one simple has the DV Trilogy, a Trilogy I never knew of, so it is nice to see them all in one place. These are certainly sets for the fans of the odd and obscure with many shot on video and lower level indie films to be found.

Most I hadn’t heard of, some I actually had saw before way back in the day. I won’t lie, some are a hard watch, but any hardcore horror collectors, with a love for SOV will be happy overall. There are a few none-SOV as well.

718gMfFIqPL._SL1123_71LlACZv6kL._SL1122_71Tr1RMiHmL._SL1121_You can find these on Amazon!

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