Interview With Natalie Dickinson

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I had the pleasure of asking actor, Natalie Dickinson, a few questions. Natalie is a very talented lady who was in a very underrated film called, “She’s Crushed” also known as “Crushed”. Natalie has a lot of cool things coming up, including being at Texas Frightmare Weekend. So let’s see what all she’s up to!

Natalie, I first saw you in a very underrated film titled, She’s Crushed. I even had it on year end Top 10. What all have you been up to since that film? Have you been recognized by horror fans for the role?

Thanks so much for your support of She’s Crushed!! I am so honored to be on your TOP 10 list ^_^ …Yes! Horror fans have been incredibly supportive of this film. In fact, I’ve been invited to be a guest at TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND in Dallas May 4-6. It’ll be a good chance to hang out with our fans and share what else we’ve got coming up!!


And to officially unveil at Texas Frightmare Weekend, Patrick Johnson, director, cut a new “bootleg director’s cut” of SHE’S CRUSHED. It’s fun to see some scenes extended (and even added!) and see other new twists on the movie.


It’s been cool to get recognized in certain horror film circles where people really appreciate what we were going for…Like the “Bloody Women” Horror Channel festival in the UK: It’s crazy to be alongside female horror classics like Heathers and Teeth!


I’ve been very busy since Crushed 🙂

THE LOCKER is a psychological thriller where I play a mentally confused girl trapped in a basement. THE LOCKER debuted at The USA Film Festival last year and is going to be released on Netflix (you can put it in your queue already!)


THE HIGH SCHOOLER’S GUIDE TO COLLEGE PARTIES is a fun, R-rated comedy in the vein of Superbad and Risky Business. I play the sister of a high-school girl who ends up at a college party. I show up to make her come home but end up drinking whiskey and getting crazy 🙂 This film is in post-production at this time.


GLITCH is a sci-fi action project where I play a bounty hunter in the future (I go into more detail on this one later in the interview!)


UNIDENTIFIED is a found-footage film – sort of like a Paranormal Activity but with aliens instead of ghosts. I play a newlywed bride on an adventure-style honeymoon in the beautiful mountains of a wildlife refuge. Being alone in the vast expanse makes you feel very isolated – and vulnerable. We just shot this film last month – I CANNOT wait for it to be released!!!


Check out for updates! 🙂

I credited the film for taking some foreign film shock elements and perhaps introducing them to some American horror film fans that might not have seen stuff like that before. Meaning the average fan that will rent random stuff and aren’t as hardcore about seeking out films like most hardcore film buffs. Still, some seemed to not share my appreciation for the film. Why would you say the film has been a bit underrated by some online reviewers?


I know She’s Crushed is not for everyone. (It has been banned in 11 countries.) It’s turned out to be quite polarizing …which is good – I’d rather have made a film that people either LOVE or HATE. No one is indifferent, that’s for sure.


Here’s an actual quote from a viewer comment on IMDB:

This has to be the sickest most evil movie I have ever seen. Whoever wrote this is definitely sick and evil and needs to be put in a mental institution. We need to take back our society and rid them of these creeps. PARENTS CAUTION!!! DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN OR YOUR TEENS SEE THIS SICK MOVIE!!! I cannot believe that out society allows this kind of evil to be put up on the screen. I am hoping that the author dies very soon so they cannot create another abomination against man like this movie.


But then, another person (on our fan page said this was the best movie he’d ever seen and it inspired him to become a filmmaker!


Some people say they hate everything about it – including the actors booooo!! – but then check out these quotes from some online reviews:

“Natalie Dickinson, by herself, is worth every screen appearance as she brings sexy and scary into each scene…”


“Natalie Dickinson takes the role of psychotic female to a whole new level. I am so disappointed that I am just now hearing about about the promotional campaign on YouTube leading up to the film’s release. For three years Natalie posted videos as Tara showing her slowly start sinking into insanity. Fantastic concept and unbelievable marketing tool taking a remarkable amount of dedication on her part…”


“The lead in this film is played by Tara (Natalie Dickinson) and I have to say that I REALLY want to see her get some roles in a few larger films where she gets to show off her chops… I can’t stress enough that Tara’s character can make a single showing of the movie itself worth seeing.”


“Natalie Dickinson does a beyond-awesome job here. She’s pretty, she’s interesting, and she’s very psychotic…”


“…every scene that Natalie Dickinson (Tara) is in had me glued to the TV with her beauty and presence.”


 I had the pleasure of seeing the trailer for another film you star in called, Glitch. It looks to be an extremely fun film, packed with a lot of action and some humor. Can you give the readers an idea about what they can expect? And how much fun was it to be playing a bounty hunter?


I’m soooo excited for Glitch!! check out!! It’s a sci-fi action project about 2 female bounty hunters in the future who try to regulate the invasion of beings from an alternate dimension. The stylization is amazing (check out the photos on our FB page) – think “Bladerunner” meets “A Clockwork Orange”… And I LOVED the action and fighting scenes – I do my own stunts and fight sequences! We are going to be promoting this project at TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND as well with posters, a trailer, and a guest appearance by my beautiful co-star, Kim Foster.

What made you want to become an actor? Who would you say are your major influences?


I’ve known I wanted to be an actor forever. I saw Drew Barrymore in E.T when I was about 6 or 7 (which is her age in the movie). I saw what she was doing, fell in love with the thought of acting, and knew I could do it too. My parents didn’t really know what to do with that passion (they aren’t in the industry), so when I turned 18, I found myself an acting class, an agent, got some headshots, then headed out to LA.


As far as actors, I love Ed Norton, Sean Penn, Robert Downey Jr., Ryan Gosling, James Franco, Christian Bale (even though I’ve heard he can be a jerk, I just loved American Psycho!!), Kirsten Dunst, Naomi Watts… oh and if you’re curious who I get compared to? Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, and Olivia Wilde 😛

I always ask this question, but what would be your dream project? Any film franchise you’d love to be involved with, or would it be simple something completely different?


That’s a tough one cuz I love playing all sorts of roles – horror (of course!!) but also comedy, drama, and action. And I also like dark humor… As an actor, it’s always fun to play a character who has some damage in her head – whether it’s a lot of emotional baggage or complete psychosis. And I like to kick ass. So maybe a dark comedy action film with a troubled lead character? 😀

What would you say is your all-time favorite movie?


Besides SHE’S CRUSHED?? haha hmmmm… It changes! As far as horror movies – A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET was probably my first favorite horror flick. And THE RING and THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE both freaked me out a ton. Oh and I remember watching POLTERGEIST when I was like 5 under the coffee table screaming and half-covering my eyes, but I couldn’t stop watching. that explains so much.

You are going to be at Texas Frightmare Weekend, what kind of fun and excitement can the fans expect there? They will be a director’s cut of She’s Crushed. Can you tell us anything about that that will differ from the DVD version?


I’m SO excited for TFW!!! Yes – we’ll have a special bootleg director’s cut there and also a bunch of posters of SHE’S CRUSHED and GLITCH!! We’re also going to play a fun game with the convention-goers. We’re hiding black easter eggs around the location and there will be a message inside of something you have to do… then you return to us after you find it and you’ll win a prize (a free DVD, poster…). Plus – I’ll be there the whole time!! 😀 So, come take a pic with me if y’all will be there!

 Is there anything else you’d like to say in closing here to the film fans and your fans that might be reading this?


Yes!!! Thank you so much for supporting me, She’s Crushed, and the indie film industry!! Forget the haters who won’t look closer at lower budget films to see the creativity, talent, and drive that the filmmakers put into them. It takes a smarter, more open-minded audience to appreciate the art, themes, story, characters, and messages of a solid indie film than one that’s wrapped up in a multi-million dollars of fluff. Thank you for thinking “indie” rather than “commercial” <3


And I can’t wait to see fans at Texas Frightmare Weekend next weekend (May 4-6)!! If you’re there, come say hi!!! If you’re not, you gotta check out our posters and “bootleg” director’s cut at :)


xo – Natalie


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