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Top 10 Worst Horror Movie Endings

It should go without saying that if you clicked to read this that you will be seeing TEN big movie spoilers here. So if you want to keep on reading

The 10 Best Horror Remakes Of All Time

I think the horror community has a love and hate relationship with remakes. While most recent remakes are hated (and some justifiably) you’ll find much of the remakes we got

Top 10 Horror Films of 2011

Well, kiddies it’s that time once again. Here we are at the end of the year and I have once again compiled my list of top horror films for the

Top 10 Hottest Fake Women!

Oh you know there is something to be said about women in cartoons and comics. Nine

Top 10 Horror Movies Of The 90’s

Well it’s finally here my friends the long awaited (I hope) Top 10 Horror Movies of

My Top 10 Favorite Famous Ladies

I’ll admit before common sense kicked it and told me of the unwanted can of worms

Top 10 Horror Movies Of The 80’s

Well the votes have all been counted! The usual Top 10 Lists Point System has been

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