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Top 10 Shot On Video Movies

Shot on video movies (Or SOV for short) is a format and style that seems to be in the either “love it or hate it” category. Now, some may argue that

The 10 Best Films of Wes Craven

I think Wes Craven is great. I say that because when it comes to movies he has made, I’ve liked many more than I’ve disliked. Heck, I even kinda dug

10 Ladies of Horror to Watch for in 2015

This isn’t a top 10 list! So, that being said the name mentioned first is on equal ground with the name listed last, it isn’t a ranking of any sort.

Top 20 Horror Films of 2014

It is once again that time, folks! The yearly Top 20 Horror list comes with not

The 10 Scariest Nintendo Games!

If you ask most people today in the days of the 360, X-Box One, or PS4,

10 Under-appreciated Slasher Films I Love

Now nine times out of ten, if there’s a Top 10 on this blog its reader

The Best and Worst Movies of 2012

20 BEST Horror Films of 2012 20: The Theatre Bizarre 19: Mutant Girl Squad 18: Life

Top 10 Best Troma Movies of All-Time!

No, this isn’t the 2012 year end top 10 list, but that will be coming soon

Horror’s Top 10 Tiny Terrors!

Terror comes in many shapes and sizes in the never ending world of horror. But we

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