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Dream Reaper (2006)

Ninjas, Reapers, and Masturbation!  Dream Reaper (2006)Directed By: Kevin Strange (CockHammer) The PrologueWell we keep checking out the works of Hack Movies today as today we come across the very

Dead Shit (2007) (Short Film)

“What are you doing f***ing that bitch dude!? That’s sick, you’re gonna get like super aids or somethin’ that’s sick!” Dead Shit (2007) (Short Film)Directed By: Kevin Strange (CockHammer) The

The Green Monster (2009)

Oh my……. The Green Monster (2009)Directed By: Nolan Ball & Bryan Roberts The PrologueOh boy..I was in the middle of a pretty good streak of independent horror films up until

Goatsucker (2009)

This is why I leave legends of monsters a lone and don’t bother trying to find

Maniac on the Loose (2008)

I haven’t seen this man twists since the Chubby Checker Twist Off of ’99! Maniac on

Colonel Kill Motherf****rs (2008)

Is it cannibalism if you eat your own face? Or is it only cannibalism if you

The Lights (2009)

Remind me never to let anyone talk me into going out in the middle of nowhere. 

CockHammer (2009)

Well..anyone ever stabbed anyone with a Dick Knife??? CockHammer (2009)Directed By: Kevin Strange (Colonel Kill Motherf****rs)

The Bloody Ape (1997)

If you listen close you can hear Poe rolling in his grave! The Bloody Ape (1997)Directed

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