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Remembering TBS' Nite Flix

Now we’ve already covered both USA’s Saturday Nightmares as well as TNT’s Monstervision  but TV we are going to take a look at a lesser known late night show from

Who Loves General Mills Monster Themed Cereals??

Do you like horror?? Do you like food?? Do you like to eat?? Do you like Breakfast?? More so than that tell me, do you like to eat horror themed

Hail To The King! aka Why Is This Game Soo Damn Hard?

While many may not know it, The Evil Dead first dipped into the video game pool way back in 1984 (when I was just one year old) when the The

The Toxic Avenger!..Children's Cartoon?

Now it wasn’t completely unheard of for an R rated film to get it’s own cartoon.

Monster!!!….In My Pocket!?

Waaaaaay back in the day in the year 1990 Matchbox picked up a franchise developed by

Who Had Goosebumps?

Of course by Goosebumps I mean the children horror novels by none other than R.L. Stine!

Remembering TNT's MonsterVision

Echoing what a reader said during our look back at USA’s Saturday Nightmares, I miss Joe

Remembering USA's Saturday Nightmares

Well kids it’s time for me to show my old age of 26 by giving you

Castlevania: A History of The Belmont Family vs. Dracula

I want to take the time today folks to talk about a series of games I

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