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8 Bits of Horror!

For today kiddies since we are fresh off SAW getting it’s own video game how about we take a look back at the not so glorious days of movie inspired

A contemporary Leatherface?

Taking Leatherface out of the 70’s Could be a good idea right??? I mean it beats space.. We’ve been getting some new life breathed back into the once lifeless body

Remembering Halloween (The Holiday, not the movie)

If you are a Horror fan, no matter if you grew up in the 80’s, 90’s, or are doing all your growing up now, you’ll remember this little gem we

It was The Last Slumber Party!!!

After years of trying to figure out what movie I kept remembering bits and pieces from

The Art of Running a Franchise into the Ground

It’s Halloween time again, that MUST mean SAW!! guess. This month brings many things, trick or

Odds and Ends (10/12/09) "The Overkill of 3-D in horror"

Oh how I am starting to really HATE the concept of 3-D.. 3-D in the world

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