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Odds and Ends (10/30/09) *Halloween-Eve Edition*

It’s Halloween-eve! And here at the “Zombies DON’T Run” blog I am kicking off the day with news! news!..and some rambling. Well it is “Halloween-Eve” if you will as I

Dressed To Kill: Coolest Looking Slashers (part.2)

Well welcome back! This time around we finish off our Top 10 with a few more recognizable slashers. Will you agree?? Will you complain?? Will you even care??!!..Lets see shall

Dressed To Kill: Coolest Looking Slashers (part.1)

They stalk you in the woods, they stalk you in the city, they stalk you in the areas you have no business being in to start with. Check out the

Man ordering food called a zombie, punched twice

Full story inside!..No word yet on if the man was ordering brains. IOWA CITY, Iowa –

Odds and Ends (10/26/09)

He came up from the lake! He’s died and came back a zillion times! He went

Update on the Harrisburg Zombie Invasion

Now with picture and a link to the video of the event! Along with a noticeable


Apparently there were Zombies on the loose in Harrisburg, PA today..Well sorta. Click on below here

Odds and Ends (10/23/09)

You might find that this entry of Odds and Ends will be filled with what some

What to be for Halloween?

With Halloween getting closer and closer are you still having trouble deciding what you want to

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