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Silent Night Deadly Night Scream Factory Collector’s Edition vs Anchor Bay 30th Anniversary Blu-ray Comparison

I’ve reviewed Silent Night, Deadly Night a million times on this site because it is one of my all-time favorite movies. Now, I plan to dive into the Scream Factory

A Look at the Mill Creek Horror Hall of Fame 26 Movie Collection!

Mill Creek keeps delivering with their current releases and they’ve long been the kings of the multi-movie sets. Now they have released a 26 movie set of classic films called

Top 5 Urban Legends in the United States

From stories of the Yeti to modern stories, like the famous “Humans Lick Too”, urban legends are a large part of American culture just as much as haunted places. Surely

Enjoy Halloween with these Spooky Scholastic Books!

Halloween is days away and if you are like you don’t just enjoy watching horror movies,

New Multi-Packs from Mill Creek Entertainment!

If you are like me, you always enjoy a multi-movie pack because it gives you a

A Look at THREE New VHS from Alternative Cinema!

Over at, you can now purchase three new but very limited VHS tapes! The tapes

Comet TV Solar Eclipse Prize Pack Giveaway!

Comet TV Solar Eclipse Prize Pack Giveaway… The Moon Is Throwing Shade! We have an Eclipse

Comet August Viewing Guide! Films Only Available For Free On Comet!

Vampire’s Kiss (1973) Friday, August 4 at 8P/7C Saturday, August 5 at 8P/7C Wednesday, August 16

A Look at Arrow Video’s new Blu-ray Release (Video)

Let’s take a look at the new Arrow Video release of Re-Animator!

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