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Zombies DON'T Podcast 15: Pieces, Return of the Living Dead,Demons

Chuck and Goob tear into some 80s goodness with Pieces, Return of the Living Dead, and Demons! Hear also the question that leads to a giant Halloween Resurrection rant! And

Zombies DON'T Podcast 14: Deep Red, Halloween 3, April Fool's Day

Goob returns from going into the outworld to retrieve his newly born son and returns to Earth just in time to help Chuck do this week’s show! A show that

Zombies DON'T Podcast 13: Rosemary's Baby, The House of the Devil, The Cabin in the Woods

With Goob out having his straight edge child, Shannon Rullo of Cannibal Kitchen is stepping in as her and Chuck dive into Rosemary’s Baby, The House of the Devil, and

Zombies DON'T Podcast pt.XII: Nightmare, Sleepaway Camp 2, The Burning Moon

Chuck & Goob return to the original format with a couple movies that are banned in

Zombies DON'T Podcast pt.XI: Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival

  Chuck, Goob, and their pal Grooms are live in Nashville at the Full Moon Tattoo

Zombies DON'T Podcast pt.10: Zombie, Cannibal Holocaust, Evil Dead

For TEN weeks now, Chuck and Goob have brought you horror out the anus! Now for

Zombies DON'T Podcast IX: Phantasm 1, 2 and Beyond The Darkness

BOOOOooooooy, Have we got an awesome show for you! Chuck and Goob tap into the more

Zombies DON'T Podcast VIII: A Nightmare on Elm Street 1-3

Is it dream or is it reality? We aren’t sure, but in whatever world it is,

Zombies DON'T Podcast VII: The Funhouse, Cat In The Brain, and Pet Semetary

This week Zombies DON’T Podcast comes to you with special guest SHANNON RULLO who has a

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