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In Honor Of Blacula…Dracula's Soul Brother!

Well folks I don’t know what month you thought it was but this month Zombies DON’T Run will be rolling with Black History Month! While I won’t be doing something

Murder Collection V.1 (2009)

At times I found this a little too real for comfort! Murder Collection V.1 (2009) Directed By: Fred Vogel (August Underground) The PrologueSo how many of you fine folks out

Cloverfield (2008)

Some THING has found us..and that THING is highly pissed off! Cloverfield (2008) Directed By: Matt Reeves (Future Shock) The PrologueWell it appears 1-18-08, code name Cloverfield is the running


On July 3rd 2007 those who went to see the block buster movie Transformers saw something

I've Always Been A Fan Of Full Moon Entertainment

As I have stated many many times before, I spent my youth in the 1990’s being

No Signal! The Horror Of Cell Phones In Horror Movies

Remember back in the day before cells became as common as well a house phone! (Are

The Pros And Cons Of Horror Blogging

Now before I go into this I just want to say upfront I’m not bashing anyone

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

After a decade of silence… The buzzz is back! And it’s back in a pretty damn

Odds and Ends (01/29/10)

Well before we get started let me just give fair warning that according to the weather

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