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Mr. Horror Blogosphere Winner Prize Will Be AWESOME

Well thanks to the very talented artist Christopher Zenga, the man who did this awesome art of BJ-C of Day of the Woman… The Winner of Mr.Horror Blogosphere will have

Mr. Horror Blogosphere Voting NOW Open!

What we have here folks is 21 very talented male contributors to the online world of horror and they each deserve a follow by you if not your vote. But

Cloverfield 2 Teaser Poster?? **Updated**

This could be some really awesome news or a false alarm! But has this to say… Could the image below be a teaser poster for Cloverfield 2? It was

Mr. Horror Blogosphere: Entry #21

Blogger: Jayson KennedyBlog: Basement of Ghoulish Decadence I’m a 27-year-old long time home video collector/watcher with

Odds and Ends (03/09/10)

I won’t try to entertain you fine folks with rambling today I’ll just get right to

Mr. Horror Blogosphere: Entry #20

Blogger: T.L. BuggBlog: The Lightningbugs Lair I was born and raised in South Carolina and became

Vigilante (2008)

You get some mindless fun with this one! Vigilante (2008)Directed By: Aash Aaron (I.C.U) The PrologueI

Blade 4 On The Way??

As you may or may not know the Marvel Universe has many interesting characters living in

Mr. Horror Blogosphere: Entry #19

Blogger: SteveBlog: Horror Extreme By day I’m a mild mannered, shirt and tie wearing nerd contributing

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