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Food Fighters: It's OK To Play With Your Food!

Do you know what is the best way to kill a toy line before it ever really gets started? Put it out without the backing of a cartoon or even

Someone's Knocking at the Door (2009)

Raped…TO DEATH!!! Someone’s Knocking at the Door (2009)Directed By: Chad Ferrin (Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!) The PrologueYou know, I like trippy movies. I got stacks of what folks like to

Phantom Knee! Phantom Knee!!!

So I’m setting here as I type this now watch Let’s Scare Jessica To Death for the Horrophilia Podcast and I noticed something that made me have to stop the

Horrorphilia Podcast Episode 46

Well my friends it’s back, back again! I’m talking about the latest episode of the Horrorphilia

Metamorphosis (2007)

Let’s hope in this films case “There can be only one”. Metamorphosis (2007)Directed By: Jenö Hodi

The Lost Boys (1987)

For sure one of the most fun Vampire movies of all-time! The Lost Boys (1987)Directed By:

The Hunger (1983)

Well at least it has David Bowie! The Hunger (1983) Directed By: Tony Scott (True Romance)

Vamp (1986)

Looks better than it actually is. Vamp (1986) Directed By: Richard Wenk (Wishcraft)  The PrologueIf you

The Last Horror Film (1982)

It’s kinda like Maniac’s retarded cousin! The Last Horror Film (1982)Directed By: David Winters (Rage to

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